2011 Annual Survey (AY 2009-10 Data)

NASPAA's Program Glimpse information is based on information collected through NASPAA’s annual enrollment and degrees awarded survey. The survey is usually carried out in spring. Data collected reflect only that of survey-participating programs.

The following information is based on program responses to NASPAA’s Fall 2010 Enrollment and Academic Year 2009-2010 Degrees Awarded Survey, administered by NASPAA in Spring 2011. The data reflect only survey-participating programs. Of the 272 NASPAA membership programs as of spring 2011, 176 responded to the survey and 167 submitted valid data, giving the survey a response rate of 61 percent.

Program Organizational Locations Fall 2010

Organization Location No. of
% of Total
Dept. or Program Located within a School/College other than Business 53 31.9
Program Located within a Political Science Department 48 28.9
Separate Professional School or College 28 16.9
Dept. or Program Located within a Business School/College 17 10.2
Other (please specify) 11 6.6
Program Located within a Department other than Political Science 6 3.6
Separate Institute or Center 3 1.8
0 0.0
Total Respondents 166