2011 Annual Survey (AY 2009-10 Data)

NASPAA's Program Glimpse information is based on information collected through NASPAA’s annual enrollment and degrees awarded survey. The survey is usually carried out in spring. Data collected reflect only that of survey-participating programs.

The following information is based on program responses to NASPAA’s Fall 2010 Enrollment and Academic Year 2009-2010 Degrees Awarded Survey, administered by NASPAA in Spring 2011. The data reflect only survey-participating programs. Of the 272 NASPAA membership programs as of spring 2011, 176 responded to the survey and 167 submitted valid data, giving the survey a response rate of 61 percent.

Program Enrollment and Degree-Awarded Ratio AY 2009-10

Degree Program Degree Awarded
Student Enrolled
Ratio % of DegAwrd/Enrl
Master of Public Administration 5,621 17,460 32.2
Master of Public Policy 910 2,458 37.0
Master of Public Affairs 407 1,016 40.1
Executive MPA 742 1,696 43.8
Other Master Programs 1,776 4,937 36.0

Notes on DegAwrd/Enrl Ratio

  1. The ratio of degree-awarded over total program enrollment is a proxy measure of the program's graduation rate. For a two-year program with 100% full-time student enrollment, the ideal ratio can be 50%. As the percent of part-time student increases, the ratio of degree-awarded over total program enrollment decreases. As a result, in interpreting the ratio, one needs to keep in mind the percent of part-time students enrolled in the program.
  2. Higher percent of part-time student enrollment and/or attrition all contribute to low degree-awarded/enrollment ratio.
  3. Executive MPA programs usually run shorter than two years.