Program Almanac 2011
The following information is based on program responses to NASPAA’s Fall 2010 Enrollment and Academic Year 2009-2010 Degrees Awarded Survey, administered by NASPAA in Spring 2011. The data reflect only survey-participating programs. Of the 272 NASPAA membership programs as of spring 2011, 176 responded to the survey and 167 submitted valid data, giving the survey a response rate of 61 percent.

Doctoral Degrees AY 2009 - 2010

(N=167) (Response Rate=61%)

Degree Programs Offered Fall 2010

Degree Type Program Offered
by Respondent
Percent of
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) 46 27.7
Doctor of Public Administration (DPA) 3 1.8
Total Programs 49  

Doctoral Program Highlight

About 28 percent of the respondent programs offer Doctor of Philosophy in Public Policy or related disciplines. About 2 percent of the responding programs offer Doctor of Public Administration degrees.

Doctoral Student Enrollment Fall 2010

Degree Type Enrolled
DPA 23 31.9 49 68.1 72
Ph.D. 1,170 58.2 842 41.8 2,012
Total Enrolled 1,193 57.2 891 42.8 2,084

Enrollment Highlight

About 58 percent of Ph.D students enrolled full-time; about 68 percent of DPA students enrolled on part-time basis

Degree Awarded AY 2009 - 2010

Degree Type Degrees Awarded
by Respondents
Percent of
Degree Awarded
by Respondents
Ph.D. 249 96.1
DPA 10 3.9
Total Degree Awarded 259  

Degree Awarded Highlight

259 doctoral degree candidates received their degrees in Public Policy/Public Affairs or related disciplines from the survey responding programs. About 96 percent of the degrees-granted are Ph.D degrees.